Next Gen Infrastructure and Utilities for BSC

Verifiable Randomness Oracles, Pancakeswap Limit Orders and Smart Oracles with more BogTools Coming Soon.


 * Your contract should implement this
interface IReceivesBogRand {
    function receiveRandomness(uint256 random) external;

 * You should cast our oracle to this
interface IBogRandOracle {
    function requestRandomness() external;
    function getNextHash() external view returns (bytes32);
    function getPendingRequest() external view returns (address);
    function removePendingRequest(address adr, bytes32 nextHash) external;
    function provideRandomness(uint256 random, bytes32 nextHash) external;
    function seed(bytes32 hash) external;

Verifiable On-Chain Randomness

Get real randomness on-chain in a simple to use, and verifiably random manner, empowering next-generation dApps that can rely on true on-chain randomness.

Bogged.Finance Limit Orders Are LIVE!

BogTools has launched the full Limit Order Platform on Bogged.Finance

Low Fees Powered by BSC

Only pay for the gas you use in maintaining your BogTool deployment, plus a small % on top to compensate the BogTool ecosystem and developers.

Oracles Made Easy

Simple documentation and cleverly clean code makes integrating the BogTools suite of oracles a pain-free experience.

The Token Model

BOG is BogTools’ governance and payment token. BOG is designed to be used frequently to ensure all BogTools execute frequently on the blockchain, that’s why we’ve designed the Bogged ARG — a gamified component of the BogTools ecosystem.
Currently, the token charges a 4.5% fee on transactions to reward Liquidity Providers. This will be removed in a future update, once more BogTools start launching.

How can I use my $BOG token?

Governance of the BogTools Ecosystem

The fee ratio, adding more BogTools factories and removing BogTools factories and BogTools themselves will be possible within the Governance contract that is currently being developed by BogTools.

Payment for BogTools

Utilizing BogTools will require payments in $BOG to utilize their functionality. These payments will be split between stakers, gas refunds, and development & marketing costs.

Refunds for Gas Costs

Everyone transacting in BOG will be entitled to Gas Refund Tokens which will refund, in BOG, the costs of using the BOG ecosystem.

Powering BogTools

Every BOG transaction powers the BogTools that rely on the computing power harvested from these transactions to run on the Binance Smart Chain 24/7.


BogTools are an ecosystem of developer-friendly
dApps powered by the $BOG token.


An introduction to bogtools, $BOG and the
Bog Ecosystem.